Success from Renewal, Inc.

Renewal Returning Citizen

I’m 55 and you could say I’ve been a hypocrite all my life by not living what I believed in. It led me to abuse drugs and alcohol and to do things I knew weren’t right. While dealing with life as it shows up, I would choose the easy path, not taking anything seriously, being selfless to myself and selfish to others. In the process, I destroyed my health, finances, social life, and ultimately was incarcerated.

At Renewal, I learned responsibility by learning how to make meetings, keep a schedule and being OK with relinquishing some authority over myself in order to get better. With their help, I learned the difference between good and bad choices. I’ve become a more mature man with a better mindset and attitude toward others. I now have a good job where I work as a supervisor, something that never would have been possible before coming to Renewal.

What I’d say to others facing similar challenges is that you can achieve your fullest potential but you have to work hard and do more than what’s required of you because you want to, not because you have to. Find something that makes you passionate and gives you purpose in life. If you can do that and be consistent and courteous, especially to others, that’s what true change is all about.


Renewal Returning Citizen

Renewal Community Partner

As neighbors in Downtown Pittsburgh, we have known Renewal and the individuals it serves for many years. While we don’t have a formal history, we share a goal of helping people to live better, more meaningful lives — us through worship and fellowship, and Renewal through its exceptional programs and services.

We have had several individuals from Renewal attend our Sunday worship services. They feel comfortable and welcome here, which they are. We minister to these folks by simply fully including them in whatever capacity their situation allows. In some cases, I have forged relationships with the individuals beyond when they have successfully completed Renewal’s programs.

So many roadblocks are placed in the way of the kinds of individuals Renewal helps, and without assistance, their chances of success are minimal. Downtown residents, business owners, and corporations who make up the fabric of our community need to realize that we’re all in this together. The welfare of every person impacts the overall health and vitality of our life together. It’s only in working together that all folks are afforded the opportunity to live peacefully and productively.

Rev. Douglas Patterson

Senior Minister, Smithfield United Church of Christ

Renewal Employer Profile

Our company has been partnering with Renewal, Inc. for about 15 years. They helped us to find qualified laborers with roofing experience. Roofing isn’t easy work. It can be dangerous, and depending on the weather, working conditions are often not ideal.

So for us, to be able to reach out to Renewal, have them conduct the job search, set up the interviews and offer their personal insights into the job candidates, is just invaluable. The individuals Renewal sends us show up for work every day and want to prove themselves responsible and deserving of a second chance. Doing what I can to help these individuals break free of the same old, often bad patterns, is my small way of giving back and showing gratitude for what I have.

None of us are different from these folks, but for whatever reason, we’ve gotten some good breaks, or in some cases have made better decisions, but we’re not about judging. A few years back, I hired a guy who stayed on after his work release had ended. Within two years he was off parole, owned his own contracting business, bought a house and had a second child. I’m prouder than I can say of his accomplishments.

Mick H.

Owner, Tri Boro Development