Community Service

Renewal, Inc. believes that being an integral part of a community means giving back to that community. Our commitment to this pledge is reflected in the actions of those individuals in our treatment program. Participants and Renewal, Inc. staff help make our community a cleaner place to live and work. In one year alone, more than 700 people completed 17,352 hours of community service. Many of our participants are required to complete two hours of community service each week, a process we assist with by placing and securing opportunities. Through their efforts, our local community has benefited by becoming an even better place to work and live.

The reach of Renewal, Inc.’s community service relationships is diverse.

For example, it is an active partner in the Pittsburgh community, working with other organizations like the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, the Smithfield United Church of Christ and Uptown Partners, among others, to make Pittsburgh more caring, concerned and engaged. Renewal, Inc. recently partnered with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to clean sidewalks and streets in the Central Business District, resulting in pedestrian walkways that are safer and cleaner for the public. We further used this opportunity as a job training effort for our GETPAID® program.

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