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Case Management

Renewal, Inc.’s experienced case managers utilize comprehensive assessment, service planning, and resource coordination to address specific issues and any other needs of our rehabilitation program participants. Our case managers focus on the whole person and their future goals, guiding them on a road to recovery and a healthy life where they can manage their lives – successfully and independently – once they return to their community.

Life Skills

The Life Skills Program is implemented within the first two weeks of a person’s entry at Renewal, Inc. This program provides individuals from County, State, and Federal jurisdictions with guidance to help them identify and develop their marketable skills for the workplace; understand market trends and industry sectors; identify an ideal job match; and keep steady employment. In addition, Renewal, Inc. will offer introductions to relevant community resources that further assist in their growth and success.

A valuable tool used by Renewal, Inc. within the Life Skills Program is Identification and Career Assessments. This entails hands-on research by participants in our computer labs to help them learn how to use technology to find employment. Job seekers will receive instruction on methods to locate and use job search websites and career research engines, as well as how to set up and use email as
a job search tool.

Our primary mission is to prepare each person to succeed in the workplace. But, we also aim to provide community employers with dependable, conscientious workers capable of managing challenges, handling multiple responsibilities, communicating in a professional manner, accepting supervision, and taking on a leadership role when necessary.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Renewal, Inc. offers specialized treatment programs that target the needs of each person in the program, with a strong focus on anti-social behaviors, beliefs and values, poor self-regulation/self-management, decision-making, problem-solving, and coping skills.

Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention is a Department of Corrections program designed to be conducted in a closed-group environment over six weeks (two-hour sessions twice a week). It begins with the introduction of a relapse prevention plan. As the sessions progress, each participant tailors their plan based on individual need to help minimize the risk behaviors that lead to active addiction and/or criminal activities.

Our Batterer’s Intervention Program is based in the Renewal Reentry Center located at 700 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh. Groups are scheduled Monday through Friday, twice weekly for two hours each. Morning, afternoon and three different evening sessions are available.
A schedule of 24 group sessions is offered to each group participant at their intake assessment, which details dates, group times, and locations.

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