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Support Services

Case Management

Renewal, Inc.’s utilizes our Case Managers to utilize comprehensive assessment, service planning and resource coordination to address issues and any other needs of our program participants to successfully manage themselves independently once they re-enter the community.

Life Skills

The Life Skills program is implemented within the first two weeks at Renewal Inc. This program provides individuals from all three jurisdictions with the necessary tools to identify their own marketable skills for the workplace, to understand market trends, industry clusters, and to make the necessary match to find and keep steady employment. In addition, an introduction to relevant community resources is provided to assist their success.

Skills identification and Career Assessments are completed and hands on experience in our computer labs is given to help an individual learn to use technology to find employment. The job seeker will know how to locate and use job search websites, career research engines and will know how to set up and use an email as a job search tool.

Our mission to prepare each person to succeed in the workplace, but we also aim to provide the community employer a dependable, conscientious worker able to manage conflicts, handle responsibility, communicate professionally, and to both accept supervision and take on leadership when necessary.

Cognitive Behavioral Group

Renewal offers treatment programs that target the needs of each resident with a focus on anti-social attitudes, beliefs, values and poor self-regulation/self management, decision-making, problem solving, and coping skills.

Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention is a Department of Corrections program designed to be offered in a closed cohort over six weeks, twice per week for two hours each. It begins with the introduction of a relapse prevention plan, and as the sessions progress, each participant tailors their plans according to individual need, for minimization of risk behaviors that lead to active addiction and/or criminal activities. Our general practice of incorporating the cognitive-behavioral chain comes from the success found with the use of this conceptual anchor.

Batterer’s Intervention Program

Our Batterer’s Intervention Program is based in the Renewal Reentry Center, located at 700 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor.

Groups are scheduled Monday through Friday, twice weekly for two hours each; morning, afternoon, and three different evening sessions are available. There is a Wednesday/Friday morning group located at CRC-South.

A schedule of 24 group sessions is supplied to each group participant at intake assessment which details dates, group time, and location.

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