At Renewal, Inc., we stand united with individuals of all backgrounds who are looking to build a better today and an even stronger tomorrow – for themselves and their families.

Renewal Overview

For more than four decades, Renewal has created pathways to help the men and women in our care successfully transition back into society. Reemerging from the criminal justice system as productive, whole individuals, their reintegration presents new and more positive futures for their families and communities.

Mission & Vision

Renewal, Inc. is proud of its growing position in the field of drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. Helping people rebuild their lives is our future and the core of our mission and vision, all guiding how Renewal, Inc. approaches its programs and services, and the operations that support them.

Our Mission

Renewal, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals in the criminal justice system transition back to families and communities. Through a range of prevention, early intervention, programming, and treatment approaches, Renewal, Inc. empowers individuals to change their lives for the better.

Our Vision

Renewal, Inc. strives to be recognized nationally with its innovative treatment, recovery, and follow-up support methods for drug and alcohol addiction. We are taking a leading role to deliver effective services with successful outcomes for people of all socio-economic backgrounds and those transitioning out of the criminal justice system. Renewal, Inc. achieves this through evidence-based methods aimed at prevention, early intervention, re-integration into the community, and strengthening family and work relationships.

Core Values

When Renewal, Inc. puts its mission and vision into action, the outcomes are our greatest reward: individuals leading full, healthy,
and rewarding lives on their own, aided by skills and support systems that provide enduring and lifelong
sources of structure and confidence.

Renewal, Inc. continually strives toward the goal of complete recovery by making
treatment decisions based on our core values:


Protecting the lives and well being of the men and women in Renewal, Inc. programs, as well as our staff and community


Appreciating and respecting the differences of our staff, returning residents and community


Empowering employees to emulate our mission and core values


Working together for the betterment of our staff, returning residents and community


Implementing new programs and services in accordance with addiction treatment standards


Taking responsibility with the parameters of the mission, core values and policies


Maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior and the continued quest for excellence