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Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Substance abuse, mental health and criminal behavior often share long and destructive histories in the lives of the men and women in our care. Renewal Inc.’s approach to treatment focuses on addressing both the “what” and the “why” of the issues at hand so that we can not only stop destructive behavior, but can help individuals permanently manage the impulses and processes that trigger it.

We deliver comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment for individuals in the criminal justice system through Renewal Treatment, Inc.®. Our primary treatment modality is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which allows our clients to become aware of cognitive distortions and thinking errors that have perpetuated substance abuse in the past. We also give them the tools to change their actions moving forward based on three underlying principles:

– Individuals are responsible for their behavior
– Individuals are able to change their thinking or beliefs
– By changing thinking or beliefs, behaviors will change

Renewal offers Detox, Inpatient, and Outpatient Treatment services as part of our commitment to supporting the whole individual on their path to reentering society.

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Inpatient Treatment

We provide ready access to certified, professional therapists who are well-rounded in cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment modalities. Like all the dedicated professionals at Renewal, our therapists work closely with the individuals, developing treatment protocols based on in-depth evaluation and assessment of each individual situation. As part of treatment, we use interactive workbooks and daily journals to help guide reentry back into mainstream society.

Our staff also delivers individual, group and educational lectures on substance abuse and other factors that lead to chemical dependency.

Outpatient Services

Renewal also offers Outpatient Treatment services for individuals in the criminal justice system. These services focus on assessment, group therapy and individual counseling. Overall, we believe in a well-rounded and ongoing approach to treatment. All individuals in treatment with Renewal Treatment Inc.® are also encouraged to pursue external, socially-based support systems such as 12-step meetings and mentoring or spiritual programs.

Detox Services

Our affiliate Renewal Treatment, Inc.® is licensed by the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) for sixteen Inpatient Non-Hospital Detoxification beds. These services take place at our 704 Second Avenue facility. The goal of this service is to divert those needing detoxification services from the jail and/or divert probation violators prior to going into the jail and place them in community-based detoxification services. Subsequent placement in the appropriate level of AOD treatment will occur when they are medically able to participate.

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