Family Support


The process of returning to the family unit and mainstream society following incarceration or inpatient treatment can be one of the most complex and emotionally challenging aspects of reintegration. Through Lydia’s Place®, Renewal, Inc. provides a safe space where men,
women, and families can learn to cope with those challenges as they successfully rebuild their lives and relationships. We are committed to individuals who are ready to be a part of their children’s lives by supporting their efforts. Lydia’s Place offers a full spectrum of relationship-focused services for families that have been impacted by incarceration or addiction. Specialized programs focus on family strengthening, mentoring and providing housing assistance.

Family Strengthening

The Family Strengthening Program provides comprehensive services for parents in our care as they seek to reunite with their children. We deliver evidence-based parent education intended to help participants develop healthy parenting skills and to identify and manage the emotional triggers of their substance use or other criminal behaviors. Through visitation and family fun events, we offer families a safe and comfortable atmosphere where they can learn healthier ways of interacting with each other and create new, positive memories.


Lydia’s Place provides another level of confidence building to family support participants with its Mentoring Program. This resource offers opportunities where thoughts, concerns, and experiences in regard to their reunion with family members can be openly shared in a safe
setting. Our caring mentors encourage participants to talk about their important relationships, become more conscious of their history of incarceration or addiction, and establish and reach goals they have set for a healthy, new future.


Lydia’s Place provides six months of housing assistance, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, through a referral process from the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. This includes assisting individuals in obtaining and securing safe, affordable housing. A Housing Coordinator also facilitates connections for men and women in Renewal, Inc.’s programs such
as helpful community resources, utility assistance programs, and providers of food and household items.


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